Well Deepening

various-027At Independent Well Drilling, we specialize in every facet there is that involves the construction, installation, and repairing of wells, including the service of well deepening. Our staff of fully-trained technicians is certified and able to provide you with an excellent well-deepening service. We’re proficient, highly knowledgeable and very experienced in the field of well deepening, so if you’re in need of this service, we’re the team to do the job.

There are codes that set down the minimum yield of a water well that is required, and this relates to the well’s depth and diameter. Although, you can exceed the minimum requirement of the depth of the well by having the owner or agent of the house/building authorize the well deepening. Throughout the drilling procedure, we will track the well’s production of water, and we will track the yield that is reached. If the well deepening request is authorized by the owner or agent of the house/building, we will be able to continue with the procedure of deepening the well.

What does well deepening do exactly?

Well deepening is usually executed in order to create more storage space for the water, and sometimes it’s even done to create more water yield. On average, a water well is able to hold an additional gallon and a half of water per linear foot, so deepening the well will create more storage space. In shallow water wells, the water tables fluctuate more so than deeper water wells.

So, if your well runs dry or is running dry, one of your options is to deepen your water well. Our team at Independent Well Drilling will guide you through the well deepening process and ensure that you’re informed about the entire process before and as it’s happening. If you’re considering well deepening for your water well, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us via e-mail. We’ll go through the proper steps of well deepening and help your well fill up once again.

Benefits of Deepening a Water Well:

-It can help to insure a more drought-resistant water supply.

-More storage space can be made for the water.

-Deepening a water well, in some cases, will save you money because it will be less expensive than drilling a brand new well.

-Deepening a water well will at times create more water yield.

-Deepening a water well can cut back on the fluctuation of the water tables (this is a bigger problem in shallow water wells).