Well Drilling


Our team at Independent Well Drilling is highly experienced, certified, and knowledgeable in the construction of water wells. We specialize in residential or commercial well drilling projects.  Every technician on our staff are proud members of the California Groundwater Association and the National Groundwater Association, assuring you that we take well-drilling seriously and do every job with precision and quality in mind. No matter what type of well you need, we can drill and construct the well to your personalized specifications with ease. If you’re searching for a quality well-drilling company, this will be where the search ends.

Residential Clients:

We are confident in our skills and knowledge to know that we can drill and construct a well that is just as efficient as a well constructed for the city. The well we are able to build for our residential clients will be able to provide a supply of drinking water and water for irrigation. We will properly develop a well for you that will structurally last for a vast amount of years to nearly a lifetime. Our team will take the proper steps to build a high-functioning, efficient well by performing steps such as screen sizing, pump sizing, and aquifer testing. We want our clients to be satisfied, and that means building a well that will last, reducing replacements to save you money in the long run.

Commercial/Agricultural Clients:

In addition to constructing a highly durable well, we are also able to work around your schedule, cutting down on the interference of the construction of the well. We are also detail-oriented, as we have the ability to closely estimate the costs of the services we provide. For the larger well projects, we invest ourselves in working rather closely with the engineers and project managers. Teamwork is key, and our client(s) are part of the team, leading to the project being done correctly and quickly.  Our knowledge and skill in the well drilling business is what makes our business tick; our word only reflects our actions, as our actions dictate what we say about our team.

The Process:

Here is a general process that we use as a guideline to help us with each project.  The process may change here and there for each particular project, and you can contact us via e-mail or by calling us directly to receive more information on how we will go about your particular well-drilling project.

Planning & Design- Preparation is the key to success. Before we start the project, we will thoroughly plan out what we are going to do. Proper specifications and design of the well is crucial, as this will help the well drilling/construction run smoother, reduce changes during the project, and will also produce an estimated cost.

Preparation on-site:

We will decide what machinery is right for the particular project and act accordingly, using the proper machinery and tools for the job. Depending on the size of the project, there may only be a load of gravel laid on a part of the road, but if the project is larger, whole roads may be needed. There may also be drilling pads that need to be constructed, along with containment ponds. We will need to visit the site beforehand, and also have the site preparation specifications approved by the owner.


When the drilling process beginss, it is the phase where we make discoveries and begin to learn about the geology that’s present beneath the ground we’re drilling. When the drill bit advances, and the casing begins to penetrate, we’ll know the aquifer location and how close we can execute the design that we planned out. The drilling phase usually takes anywhere from one day to a week, or longer, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Well Screening:

After the drilling, we will properly install a stainless steel screen in the aquifer. This stainless steel screen will let the water enter the well through a larger surface area. Then we will set up a well filter pack around the stainless steel screen, creating open areas around the well.

Water Quality:

When everything has been installed, and is running properly, we will test the water quality of the well. Our technicians will begin with pumping tests, so that we can examine the well in action and observe such things as capacity, aquifer details, and well yields. This will allow us to determine the quality of the water. We will also collect samples of the water at the conclusion of the pumping test and send them off for a professional analysis by water specialists.

Well Pump:

At this point, after gathering all the information and specifications, we will work on designing a well pump. The well pump will be designed with the proper flow rates and water pressure in mind. We will then give you an estimate on what the particular design for the well pump will cost.

Well Pump Installation:

We will proceed to install the pump by lowering the pump and motor near the bottom of the well with the help of a pump hoist. The pump will be properly installed with the help of a pump cable, torque arrests and a centralizer.


We will then discuss with you the certain periodic maintenance and upkeep of the well. In addition, we will make sure that the water quality still holds up after the project is complete at your request.


We take pride in our work and in our relationships with our clients. Independent Well Drilling will guide you through the steps of your project before and as we do it, keeping you informed all the way through. We’ll educate you on what we’re doing so that you’ll be confident in our service and knowledge. We work for your satisfaction, and we’ll make sure that you’ll be so satisfied that you’ll recommend us for other drilling projects.