Well Rehabilitation


If you already own a well, but it’s just not working the way it used to for you, you’ve probably been thinking about purchasing a brand new well to replace your old one. Before you move on with that decision, know that paying for the service to drill a new well isn’t your only option.

There’s a process called well rehabilitation that will improve the efficiency of your old well, helping it to function much better than before. Well rehabilitation is easier on your wallet, and the process is a whole lot faster than the drilling of a brand new well. Our certified technicians at Independent Well Drilling know the process of well rehabilitation to the very last detail, and we have years of experience with the process as well. We can get your wells working like they were almost brand new!

What exactly is Well Rehabilitation?

Well rehabilitation can be simply defined as restoring an older well as close to its new version as possible through a variety of tested treatments and highly reliable reconstruction steps. As the years go by, wells will slowly deteriorate and won’t function at an appropriate level, and this is where the Independent Well Drilling team can help add life to your wells. Just like a used vehicle can perform just as well as a brand new one if it’s restored, an older well can match the efficiency of a brand new well if rehabilitated.

What Causes Deterioration of Wells?


This is one of the major causes of well deterioration. Incrustation happens when the dissolved minerals and their compounds settle out from the ground water. This will lead to the formation of hard cement or brittle deposits; however, it can also form a paste-like substance. Incrustation leads to a slow clogging of the well.


When a water well is clogged due to the invasion of natural organisms that produce slime deposits throughout the well, bi-fouling is taking place. Bi-fouling brings up numerous amounts of potential health-related problems; these health problems may end up being very critical. Bacteria and other microorganisms can invade the water and ruin the quality of the water, in addition to clogging and corrosion. Not only that, the water will taste foul and have a smell to match it.


In general, corrosion is when a solid is being eaten away, in this case for wells metal is being eaten away. Corrosion causes many problems for wells that become a major headache if not dealt with early.  First, there’s the formation of holes in the well, which allows fines to enter, leading you to spend money on the service of sand pumping. Second, the size of the water’s pathways become greatly reduced to the suction zone, causing efficiency problems or even causing the well to become permanently damaged. Third, there’s the potential of corrosion leading to the casing or well screen being greatly reduced to the point of permanent damage where you absolutely must shell out the cash for a brand new well.

Plugging of Screen:

It’s inevitable that wells will decrease in the specific capacity of water. Water flow into the well is slowly hindered when particles slowly move into the well area. This will lead to sand pumping, but the well screens can be eroded by this procedure and further action must be taken, meaning you spend more money.

Rehabilitate Your Wells Sooner Than Later:

At Independent Well Drilling, our technicians will approach the well rehabilitation project with exacting detail to your particular well. We are certified for the job, have the experience to successfully deal with various situations in well rehabilitation, and we’re confident in our talent and drive. Remember, the best way to preserve the life of your well is to monitor the performance and condition of your well and execute early intervention. This is the most cost effective way to go about extending the life of your well.

If your well isn’t performing the way it used to, contact us and we’ll inspect your well to evaluate its performance. If the performance of your well has declined by roughly 25% then it’s highly recommended that you make the choice to have your well rehabilitated. If you wait, than the procedures of rehabilitating your well will have to be more aggressive, will cost you more money and will possibly be less effective, so catch it right away and deal with the problem early!