Water Testing

At Independent Well Drilling, we understand the ins and outs of owning a well. There are many responsibilities that come along with owning a private well, including water testing. Municipal water sources are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; however, private wells need to be regulated solely by the homeowner. This is where we can help, by providing a professional testing of your water.

Water sources are prone to having bacteria or contaminants from time to time, therefore it’s highly essential that water testing is done. Testing your privately owned well at least once a year is very critical for the safety of those who receive drinking water from your privately owned well. It is also recommended for well owners to have their well water tested by professionals after floods or when there is a distinct change in how the drinking water tastes.

Bacteria in the Water:

There are many different types of bacteria that may contaminate the drinking water a well produces, such as coliform bacteria, e-coli and fecal coliform. Coliform bacteria is usually airborne, and is commonly found in soil or in vegetation. Fecal coliform and e-coli are usually found near animal waste, sewages or in dead animals. These types of bacteria are potentially dangerous in a way that poses a threat to your life, but they may also be a signal to the quality of the water your well is producing. Professional water testing will show you every single detail about the quality of your well water; most importantly the report will inform you of substances in the water that may be harmful if ingested.

What happens if contaminants are found?

1.)    The very first thing we will do is seal the well. Then we’ll make sure the well head and the screen vent are working efficiently.

2.)    Next, we find out if there are any cracks or holes in the well, and seal them. Animal feces or even insects may have gotten into the well to contaminate the water.

3.)    Then, we’ll wait for the water to cycle before testing it again.

4.)    Finally, we will test the water again. If there are any more contaminants we will talk to you about the potential of well rehabilitation or water treatment to ensure that your well has clean, drinkable water.

Independent Well Drilling technicians are experts in everything involving wells. We are trained, experienced and dedicated individuals that strive for the satisfaction of our customers every time. We will give you the best possible, most thorough water testing to make sure your water well is as clean as can be.