PVC Liner

PVC liner is a very significant installation that needs to be made in order to ensure the durability and efficiency of any water well. Our team at Independent Well Drilling has been thoroughly trained in the installation of PVC liner, and we have done the job hundreds of times over so you can be confident that our able hands can perform the installation with ease. Wells without PVC liner do not have the highest quality protection, so let us provide your wells with what they need to work at their best.

PVC usage is very common, as it has the perfect mix of attributes that consist of chemical resistance and durable physicality. These properties of PVC have led it to be used in many various industrial applications, such as waste containment, lagoons, landfills, and more, in addition to water wells.  Every attribute about PVC liner fits perfectly for the use in water wells, especially in the long run. Independent Well Drilling is highly supportive in using PVC liner because there really is no substitution.

Why PVC?

PVC is flat out durable, and very resistant to a variety of substances. These substances include oils, waste products, alcohols, hydrocarbons and many other corrosive substances that will weaken water wells over the years.

Flexibility: PVC also has the ability to be very flexible, allowing for it to stretch if stretching is needed or if there is a significant change in temperature. PVC liner can help prevent cracking that can occur under stress of products that contain HDP (High Density Polyethylene).

Easy to Work With: Using PVC is quite easy, as it can be almost effortlessly heat welded together, providing for an easy installation. The ease of use of PVC also reduces the risk of broken seams so that the installation of the PVC liner is guaranteed to be solid over the years. In addition, PVC is easy to transport to any location, as it can be rolled and folded to transport anywhere.