Well Pump Repair


Attempting to replace a well pump on your own is a complicated task that more than likely will not get done right. At Independent Well Drilling, we are professionally trained to repair or replace your well pump, and we’ll do so in a swift and precise manner. We’ll get the job done right the first time, like it should be, and your well pump will be working like new in no time at all.

All of our expert technicians at Independent Well Drilling are trained in performing the complicated job of repairing or replacing a well pump. Our technicians are knowledgeable in electrical wiring, plumbing and everything there is to know about well drilling and well pumps. We are licensed to work with wells, and we’re familiar with the workings of a vast variety of wells and well pumps. If you choose to do this task yourself, you’ll be wasting time and money striving to do it correctly.

Well Pump Replacement:

In order to replace a well pump, a new pump assembly must be executed. We know well pumps down to the very last detail, so we can assure you that we will assemble your new pump perfectly. It takes focused care and efficiency to replace a well pump, and that’s the only way we work.

General Procedure

  • First, we will switch off the power to ensure the safety of the area. We will also disconnect the electrical wires at the well head.
  •  We will then lift out the old pump from the well in a safe manner. The procedure for lifting the well pump out depends on the type of well.
  • We will then assemble the new well pump to the manufacturer’s standards. During this part, we will use plastic sheeting for safety purposes.
  • Then we will set the new well pump in place with the proper method depending on the type of well.
  • Once this is done, we will secure the well seal and connect the new well pump to the power source.
  • Lastly, we will test the well pump to make sure it’s working properly.