Well Sealing

There are plenty of abandoned wells that are too far gone to clean or rehabilitate and they can pose a potential threat to the safety and health of the environment. At Independent Well Drilling, our technicians are experienced in properly and securely sealing an abandoned or irreparable well. We have been specifically trained to perform the sealing of abandoned or irreparable wells, and we are determined to do our best on every well sealing to assure that the potential dangers of an abandoned well are extinguished.

There are many wells that are no longer in use, and there are times when these wells are forgotten, or even buried. More times than not, these abandoned or forgotten wells are not sealed correctly. To seal a well, professional technicians must go through the process of clearing the unused well of dirt and debris, and fill the well with a material called grout. If not sealed correctly, there are many potential dangers an unsealed well will more than likely bring about to the surrounding environment. One of the most critical threats an unsealed well poses is that of the contamination of groundwater, leading to the potential contamination of close drinking water wells. This means the unsealed well can contaminate the city water, your neighbors’ water, and even your own water.

Why a well is taken out of service:

  • Not providing enough water
  • The well is contaminated
  • Property changes hands, and the well was abandoned
  • Age of well can cause rusting, leaking, stuck pumps or overwhelming debris
  • The well poses a threat to the safety of the groundwater

Sealing Wells:

The sealing of a well must be done by licensed professionals, as this cannot be a do-it-yourself project or performed by inexperienced technicians. The process must be done properly, as improperly sealed wells may bring up the same contamination problems as an abandoned well.

We will start by removing any of the pumping equipment, if it’s still in place on the abandoned well. Next, we will remove all the debris and obstructions from the well as thoroughly as possible. This is done so that the well can be properly sealed and the chance of contamination to the groundwater is greatly cut down. After we’re through clearing out the well, we will begin the sealing of the well. We will use a machine, specifically made for well sealing, to pump in a special grout mixture into the well. The grout mixture will dry and seal the well completely.

Independent Well Drilling has the proper, high-tech and reliable equipment to do the job correctly the first time around. We’ll prepare the plan to fit the particular well that needs to be sealed, we’ll perform the procedure with care and precision, and we’ll help you get through the paperwork with as little difficulty as possible.

When we are done with the well sealing service, you will get a record of the sealing. This record will allow you to show that your well has been properly sealed and doesn’t pose any kind of health or safety hazard, especially for the groundwater.

Please don’t hesitate to call Independent Well Drilling to seal your well. The longer a well is left abandoned or forgotten, the more potential it has to put the health of the environment in danger.