How to chlorinate your water well

  1. Turn Off Power to submersible pump (located in fuse panel)
  2. Bypass water softener
  3. Remove bolts from well cap
  4. Pour in 2 gallons of liquid bleach
  5. Pour in 5 gallons of clean water
  6. Re-install bolts on well cap make sure not to pinch wires
  7. Turn on power to submersible pump
  8. Starting at the lowest level run the water (ie laundry tub/bathroom) until you smell the presence of chlorine. Shutoff faucet and work your way through the house running one faucet at atime until your satisfied you have the presence of chlorine at every water outlet.
  9. Let chlorinated water sit in plumbing system for a minimum of 24 hours
  10. The following day run a outside garden hose in the yard for a period of 4 to 6 hours (sometimes it may take even longer) this will pump the excess chlorine from the well. Once your satisfied there is no chlorine present shut-off garden hose. Beginning at the lower level remove the aerator from the faucet head and flush the faucet until no chlorine is present, work your way through out the rest of the house running one faucet (remember to remove aerator ) at a time until all chlorine is flushed from the plumbing system.
  11. Put water softener back in service
  12. Go about normal house use