Water Filtration

No one ever really thinks about how water is made drinkable. Most of the time, people take this for granted and don’t even think about how pure your drinking water is. Filtration is important, and that is why you should choose professionals that know how to install an efficient water filtration system to ensure that your water is healthy for you and your family.

Our filtration systems at Independent Well Drilling are specifically designed to remove all the harmful pathogens that may be lurking in your current water supply. From nitrates, to arsenic, to iron or a variety of bacteria, there are plenty of dangerous substances that may be in your drinking water.

Water Filtration:

The best way to ensure that you have clean, pure water running everywhere in your home is through getting a Point of Entry system. What a Point of Entry system does is remove bacteria and other harmful substances from your water well, as well as your surface water supplies.

Benefits of P.O.E:

-P.O.E systems are sized to fit your living area.

-This is one of the most cost effective ways of treating your water.

-With this system, your water is pumped from the well and then treated and stored in a tank system. This means you’ll have more than enough water to use during the times you use water the most (7am-9am, 5pm-7pm).

-The system design can be constructed to fit your home.

If you want pure water, matching the quality of bottled water, conveniently at your kitchen sink or refrigerator, you can do so with a Point of Use system. This is done by reverse osmosis under the counter top. With this simple fix, you can have pure, fresh drinking water at your home. You’ll save money on bottled water or jugs of water that you could be buying. Almost all bottled water come from public water supplies. The water is taken from the city water main, and they just treat it before bottling. This is practically the same process, compacted to fit the space under your sink! Let Independent Well Drilling handle your water filtration installation, and you’ll have fresh, clean water circulating your home every time. We are certified, trained and experienced to handle water filtration, so you can be sure we’ll do the job right!